Power to the reader

Let me ask you a question. How do your readers prefer to read? All I know about people visiting, are based on what pages have most visits. That information gives me clues about who are reading, but nothing about their preferences.

More and more, I've come to read blogs with my browser's Reader View. I've been driven to it. Half the joy of reading is killed by trying to dismiss cookie consent banners and recommendations to download apps. Honestly, all I want to do is to read the text you've put hard effort into writing.


For over a year, I've been pixel pushing, trying to improve readability. I've spent hours on end, comparing font sizes, margin widths and letter spacing. I'll probably never be satisfied. Even if I would, it would be for my own reading experience.

I've had a Kindle for years, and I love reading on it. The power to decide how to consume text has been handed over to me. I, the user, get to pick what font, line height and text size best suits my needs. I get to control my own user experience.

Here, you pick

I've got a hypothesis, that if you have the option to, you'd like to choose how content you read is presented. That's why I've given you some choices. The formatting alternatives I've started with are based on what I fiddle with mostly on my Kindle.

If you have the time, I'd be happy to hear from you. I want to get your improvement ideas and share your reactions about being able to choose how text is presented. My personal hopes are that others pick up on this. I don't want to use my browser's Reader View, I want to read your blogs!